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The pathway will give you the opportunity to receive a 360° training experience in the Global Commercial Excellence and Strategic Planning Department of one of Italy’s most important pharmaceutical companies.

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What will you do?*

You will start your experience in our Global Commercial Excellence Team working on development of 2 important Zambon’s projects: analytical platforms with better UX and predictive analytics, and the new Global CRM.

Then you will spend some time in one of our affiliates, supporting the local implementation of commercial excellence projects, working closely with local sales & operation teams.

You will finish your journey by working within the Global Strategic Planning Department, supporting commercial excellence and marketing projects with strategic impact for Zambon.

At the end of this journey you’ll have an in-depth understanding of how a Strategic Planning & Commercial Excellence Department of a pharma company works and you’ll be perfectly positioned to kick start a successful career.

*The assignments on the pathway could vary depending on the background of the identified candidate

Luigi Boaretto

Global Head of Strategic Planning & Commercial Excellence

“We are developing from scratch a comprehensive program for our global sales force which includes advanced analytics, selling models and selling academy and new advanced multichannel CRM to maximize our customer experience”

What are you waiting for?

If you’re a brilliant neo graduate in Economics, Statistics, Maths, Management Engineering or other scientific disciplines, this is the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for … don’t miss out on it!


Each path will last 24 months and it is aimed at developing skills and competencies related to its specific functional area. You will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and develop a complete professional profile in your field. You will also take part in an international experience that will ensure professional and personal growth.

3 job

Each path will consist of three job rotations that will foster the improvement of transversal skills necessary to succeed in each single functional area. You will be supported by a specific development and training plan designed on the knowledge and needs that most relate to your position.



Online assessment


First interview with HR


Zgen Days: Business Games and Role Plays in Zambon HQ


Interview with Business Line Manager